Outlaw Shinjyuku (新宿アウトロー)


Shoichi Yomi spends ten years in a coma after a gang fight in Hiroshima. After waking up he immediately sets off to meet up with his yakuza brother Eto in Shinjuku. But it doesn’t take long for his old enemies finds out that he’s out in the streets again.
Yomi’s enemy, Tagami is doing the best of evil.

Starring              :  Kiyoshi Nakajyo(中条きよし),Hakuryu(白竜),Hiroyuki Watanabe(渡辺裕之)
Directed              :  Takashi Miike(三池崇史)
Japan release       :  
Duration              :  94min.
Genre                  :  Action
Technical Specs     :  Color /  Stereo