ASSASSINATION (若頭暗殺史 修羅の男たち)


Terui (Kitadai Takashi) who has been coming to Tokyo from Osaka did not like the behavior of the young people who were in the streets but did not like the behavior of the young people, but they are returning to the Wakamiya group executive · Usami Makoto (Abe Ryohei) who is their bouncer . Coincidentally, Terui came to Tokyo to enter Wakamiya group, so I will reunite with Usami. Terui who entered the pair did not go well with the upper man, and always resisted his seniors. However Terui, who felt Usami ‘s man (chin), decided to follow him. Meanwhile, Usami who knew that the Hidekuma family is vandalizing the Wakamiya group’s comma is trying to purge it.This is the beginning of all the riot.

Starring              :  Ryouhei Abe(阿部亮平),Houka Kinoshita(木下ほうか),Takashi Kitadai(北代高士)
Directed              :  Toshiyuki Kakihara(柿原利幸)
Japan release       :  December,25,2016
Duration              :  episode1:70min. episod2:70min.
Genre                  :  Action
Technical Specs     :  Color / 16:9 / Stereo