FATE (極妻の逆縁)


Ichikawa Hana is aiming for a reversal of life by dreaming of her husband, Ichikawa Hidehiko, as a gangster. However, Fuka was lamenting his life in everyday Hidehiko of gambling everyday. One day, Hua proposed the warrant robbery of Hidehiko’s group, succeeded in plundering 100 million yen in the plan that Hua set up. It was supposed to only hide himself until the country escaped. However, an elegant manager and her sister lived in the pension prepared by Huawei friends. Eikihiko doubts Hua as a spooky event that happens one after another. Is there any real intention of Hana? What is the identity of an eerie manager? The situation will proceed unexpectedly to the visit of invited guests.

Starring              :  Yuka Someya(染谷有香)
Directed              :  Takeshi Miyasaka(宮坂武志)
Japan release       :  November,25,2017
Duration              :  episode1:68min. episod2:73min.
Genre                  :  Crime
Technical Specs     :  Color /  Stereo