GARBAGE (仁義のはらわた)


The Kanto Mutsumi Group, one of the best in Japan, was a dictatorship system by Saito of the third generation and Saito of the president. Toraji (Ozawa Kazuyoshi) who was banished from this dictatorship because of insulted insulation and was banished from the accident was picked up by the uncle’s dragon crew and joined the Takematsu Federation. Toraji draws a local defect group that is headed by Hiroshi Maeda Maeda (Yasukaze Motomiya) to a group and starts a guerrilla war on the Kanto Land Council. Although they were two of them who expanded their power, Toraji started handling stimulant drugs, gradually going crazy. Such a tiger next assassination plan is raised, and Expo is trying to block it …

Starring              :  Kazuyoshi Ozawa(小沢和義),Yuma Asami(麻美ゆま),Yasukaze Motomiya(本宮泰風)
Directed              :  Murata Keiichiro(村田啓一郎)
Japan release       :  June,25,2016
Duration              :  episode1:85min. episod2:78min.
Genre                  :  Action
Technical Specs     :  Color / 16:9 / 
Copyright             :  (C)2016コンセプトフィルム