The present day. Japan. HIKARI, a girl who has a kind heart to protect bullied kids. YO, a business person who got engaged to his girlfriend after three years of dating. KOTA and YUKA, a brother and sister who admire justice and go volunteering in disaster-stricken area of Tohoku. Their happiness was supposed to last in the years to come, but three accidents bring enormous changes on their lives’ directions.

In the early afternoon of one day, HIKARI becomes a victim of a raping. YO loses his beloved fiancé at the hands of a serial killer. Then YUKA’s brother KOTA dies in a traffic accident.  Each living in despair, three years pass. HIKARI now despises of men, has her head shaved and looks for the man who raped her. YUKA and YO meet each other at the gathering of the family of the deceased and make effort to heal their wounded heart together.

However, the peaceful days didn’t last too long. KOJI, the guy who hit KOTA comes out of prison. This creates the chain of tragedy with tangled destinies.

Starring              : 
Directed              :  
Japan release       :  2017/6/3
Duration              : 113min
Genre                  :  Drama
Technical Specs     : Color/Stereo