Love me ! ( 愛∞コンタクト)


Love me! Consisting of three omnibus stories, is based on the book “Connected to change sex to love” (Published by Shodensha). It is written by the director Tadashi Yoyogi, AKA “Yoyochu” who is created with being the pioneer of pornographic film-making in Japan.
The story is composed of three chapters, and in each one the female lead finds herself in a predicament in her life. In ‘Resonance’, the subject has grown up always depending on her mother; in ‘Obsession’, a woman is struggling with her lack of confidence; and in ‘Love Revolution’, an actress is too arrogant to think that she needs love.
A short film connects these three chapters from start to finish.

Starring              :  Rumi Hasegawa(),\sou Hirosawa(),Natsuki Kato
Directed              :  Ai Watanabe(),Asako Fukai()
Japan release       :  September,25,2015
Duration              :  102mine.
Genre                  :  Drama
Technical Specs     :  Color /  Stereo