Ryoko, working at a public bath house as staff, heared the sound that Ryota to the floor in bathes who is a frined of hers. Rushing into the room, but who she saw was not Ryota, but a man looked like Samurai. His name is Ryoma Sakamoto. Somehow he did time-travel from the world od 1862 year to the present time. While he struggles in the situation, Ryota get lost in his way in the past time in Japan…The town which Ryoko lives in has been split into two, the west-side shop owners and the east-side ones. Plus the strong resort company from outside is eager to start a huge business in this town.

Starring              :  Masahiro Inoue(井上正大),Haruka Yamashita(山下永夏),Yuki Meguro(目黒祐樹)
Directed              :  Akira Yamaya(山谷亨)
Japan release       :  June,25,2019
Duration              :  93min.
Genre                  :  Period Dramas,Comedy
Technical Specs     :  Color / 16:9 / 
Copyright             :  (C)2019RYOMA~空白の3ヵ月~製作委員会