This film is Himuro and Tamura, the two are the hero’s buddy film.
They are Japanese mafia of childhood friend. Always cool and very sharp Himuro, with strong fighting and active behavior Tamura … contrasting two people. Such a movie has one side of a success story that such two people are succeed in the demiworld of Japan.
Season 1 (ep1 – ep20), where conflicts across the country, conflict with traitors, Himuro and Tamura ‘s confrontation and reconciliation, boss raids, retaliation … various intention intertwine. We are in the middle of producing that Season2. As of October 2018 epsode 30 has been completed.
Friendship, Bonds of superiors and subordinates, Confrontation … This is a rich human drama woven by attractive characters.


Bad boys in Yokohama – Himuro (Yasukaze Motomiya) and Tamura (Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi) forced Yokohama ‘s yakuza to dissolve. With that, Himuro and others will be chased by japanese mafia. In order to escape, Himuro et al. Headed to Osaka with the guidance of japanese mafia Anzai-gumi regional boss Akimoto (Sho Aikawa).However, even in Osaka, he made enemies. One day, although recognize by Kawatani (Hitoshi Ozawa) of a huge japanese mafia Kyowa-kai, it conflicts with Mikami-gumi belonging to Kyowa-kai at the same time, and develops into a conflict case. Thanks to Kawatani ‘s help, Himuro and others belonged to Mikami – gumi, it seemed to me that the situation was over. Meanwhile, Gonda (Shinichi Chiba) of Kyowa-kai’s boss, Kudo (Hakuryu) of regional boss, and Kawabata (Tatsuo Umemiya) of japanese mafia Shisei-kai Boss were moving to unify the national paradigm.

Starring              :  Yasukaze Motomiya(本宮泰風),Yoshiyuki Yamaguti(山口祥行),Hitoshi Ozawa(小沢仁志),Sho Aikawa(哀川 翔)
Japan release       :  August,25,2013
Duration              :  Season1 Ep1-Ep20 / Season2 Ep21~ / The average 75 min.
Genre                  :  Action
Technical Specs     :  Color / 16:9 / Stereo