However, Kaori suddenly quits the company. On the day of retirement, Haruo delivered a drunkard of her daughter to her room. Haruo discovers a lot of adult videos in Kaori’s room. Kaori said. “It is my sister who is appearing in this adult video. I went out years ago … So, I have confirmed that my sister is fine” Haruo who heard it starts to help Kaori find her sister. However, when Haruo hears the circumstances at the adult video office, the clouds become gradually doubtful.

Starring              :  Hitoshi Ozawa(小沢仁志),Yasukaze Motomiya(本宮泰風),Yoshiyuki Yamaguti(山口祥行)
Directed              :  Kenichi Fujiwara()
Japan release       :  July,25,2016
Duration              :  Ep1-Ep8 /  The average 85 min.
Genre                  :  Drama / Action
Technical Specs     :  Color /  Stereo