RED LIST (レッドリスト)


A world where the number of people who cause mental abnormality is increasing dramatically.
From the radio and television, only crazy information was being broadcast.
Masashi growing up in a Fatherless family is two months have passed since he confined her high school girl Miyuki at home. The mother was cooperative in confinement.
At the same time, girls high school students and idols were missing frequently, and the whole city where Masashi lives was going to be crazy.
Miyuki’s homeroom teacher witnesses incident case while looking for Miyuki.

Starring              :  You Yamazaki(山崎遊),Marin Miyazaki(宮崎真鈴),Rikiya Kaido(海道力也)
Directed              :  Takahiro Ishihara(石原貴洋)
Japan release       :  January,25,2019
Duration              :  84min.
Genre                  :  Thriller
Technical Specs     :  Color /  Stereo