The Quiet Yakuza -Part 2-


A new live-action adaptation of the popular yakuza manga ‘The Quiet Don’ by Nitta Tatsuo, comprehensively produced by Motomiya Yasukaze of the “Japan Unification” series. The second part of a two-part theatrical release whereby four chapters are divided across the films.




The Kishu clan loses its leader Sakamoto (Terajima Susumu) in a conflict with the rival Shinshu clan, and a battle for succession breaks out. Meanwhile, Shizuya (Ito Kentaro), the head of the Shinshu clan, puts the safety of his beloved Akino (Kakei Miwako) first and makes a proposal to the Kishu clan to avoid further conflict, but the situation deteriorates further.




ITO Kentaro ── KONDO Shizuya




YAMAGUCHI Kento ── Director
MOTOMIYA Yasukaze ── General Producer
KAWANO Hiroaki ── Producer
MARUTA Jungo ── Producer
NITTA Tatsuo ── Original Story
YAMAGUCHI Kento ── Screenplay
YOSHIZAKI Shuji ── Screenplay
ISHITSUKA Masami ── Cinematography
formusic records ── Music

Shizukanaru Don Committee ── Production Company
T-JOY ── Distributor (Japan)



Drama , Feature
May, 19th, 2023
149 min
Color-Color / Screening Format-DCP / Screening Format with Subtitles-English (DCP)
(c)2023 Shizukanaru Don Committee