The Quiet Yakuza -Part 1-


A new live-action adaptation of the popular yakuza manga ‘The Quiet Don’ by Nitta Tatsuo, comprehensively produced by Motomiya Yasukaze of the “Japan Unification” series. The first part of a two-part theatrical release whereby four chapters are divided across the films.




Shizuya (Ito Kentaro), the only son of the Kanto region’s largest gang, the Shinshu clan, which he hates being associated with, works instead for a design company. He works diligently while developing a liking for his strong-willed colleague Akino (Kakei Miwako), but when his father is shot and killed, the battle for succession intensifies. Peaceful lives are transformed.




ITO Kentaro ── KONDO Shizuya




YAMAGUCHI Kento ── Director
MOTOMIYA Yasukaze ── General Producer
KAWANO Hiroaki ── Producer
MARUTA Jungo ── Producer
NITTA Tatsuo ── Original Story
YAMAGUCHI Kento ── Screenplay
YOSHIZAKI Shuji ── Screenplay
ISHITSUKA Masami ── Cinematography
formusic records ── Music

Shizukanaru Don Committee ── Production Company
T-JOY ── Distributor (Japan)



Drama , Feature
May, 12th, 2023
120 min
Color-Color / Screening Format-DCP / Screening Format with Subtitles-English (DCP)
(c)2023 Shizukanaru Don Committee